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    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2010
    Video on you tube
    Blog by Jacob Barton and Andrew Heathwaite @ Urbana-Champaign

    This fall, ODDMUSIC-UC was invited to a University of Illinois Saturday Art
    School class as guest artist. We taught a workshop called “The Sound Visual
    Connection”, which brought together several ways of doing music and visual
    art non-separately.

    We played the students music they hadn’t heard before, and they drew
    sketches they hadn’t drawn before. We listened to the marching band warming
    up outside the window, and performed Andrew’s *Miniatures for Two Otonalists
    * in a bout of oddmusical evangelism. Then, a visit to the computer lab for
    making graphic computer-music scores with HighC. Finally, udderbot making!
    And circle games.

    I want to put in a plug for HighC . It’s a
    beautifully designed, light-weight, elegant program which enables one to
    make graphic scores. Time is on the horizontal axis, and pitch on the
    vertical axis. Different timbres appear as different colors; amplitudes are
    represented by line thickness. Pitch is by default on a continuum
    (microtonal in the broadest sense). The whole thing costs 30 Euros (we used
    the demo for our class, but if you’re looking for an Xmas present for

    Following a brief introduction to the program, students were given only *10
    minutes* to make a score lasting between 12 and 30 seconds. I arranged the
    results into this slideshow, which gives a peek into the variety attainable
    with this program, as well as the variety of each student.