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Vanilla 1.1.4 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008 edited
    When you hit an unexpected behavior:

    a) Restart HighC, Open the Tools > Messages window and repeat the operation. If you see text filling up this window, that's a sure sign of a bug. Copy and Paste this text into your bug report: most of the time, a fix be easy to implement.

    b) delete (temporarily) the preferences and retry: Go to your home directory, in Windows, under "Document and Settings\HOMEDIR\Application Data\highc, rename the file "highc.prf". On MacOS X, the preference file is under HOMEDIR /Library/Preferences/highc : highc.prf . Try again and see if the problem is solved. You will need to reenter your key in this case, so keep it around if you have an HighC pro registration. This is specially a good step to perform if you've been using HighC v1.

    c) When submitting a bug report here, always indicate the processor, OS (including version) and Java version used.

    d) If the incident happens only with a particular file, please post this file as a file, using the Attachments feature in the forum. Try to reduce this file to the bare minimum that produces the undesired effect: it will get faster for me to understand what's wrong.

    e) If the incident concerns the playback of files, please indicate:
    - Do you hear clicks, or sound cuts, or other undesired effects (alas, aliasing for now is considered a feature rather than a bug, but that will change...).
    - Does it happen at all resolutions (preview, medium, high quality).
    - Does it happen when you playback the whole file, or only when you select some sounds and play them?
    - Is it still present when you press the "repeat" toggle, at the second and following passes over the same section.
    - Does it happen when you Export the file to some audio format and then play it back with some other audio software ?
    - Do the clicks or cuts happen at random locations, or always the same place ?

    f) If the incident concerns an interaction (I click here and this is what happens), try to make a screensnap shot and send it here. But only if you see no stack trace in the Messages Window.
    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2012
    If HighC does not start:

    0- If your install is more than 3 months old, uninstall HighC, download it again and reinstall it.
    1- Go to do you see the applet? If no, report so.
    2- Open a command line (cmd command on windows, terminal on MacOSX),
    then use 'cd' to go to HighC installation directory, then type 'java -jar lib/jupic.jar'
    what to you see on the command prompt? Report what you see.
    3- Go to highc install directory, in the lib directory, and double-clic on the 'jupic.jar' file. What does happen?
    Check the console application (MacOSX) and windows log files (on windows) to report any suspicious entry added when you try to launch HighC.

    Note: on spanish systems, the version that was delivered between March and last November may not have worked properly.