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Vanilla 1.1.4 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2008 edited
    Features that you need will be implemented faster if you ask for them! This is the point of this forum. If you want to do something, you think HighC could do but does not appear to be implemented, or is not convenient, please say it here.

    First, think of the feature you want in terms of function (what is the outcome I want?), rather than operation (how do I want to do it?). This is because, if you badly need a feature, others will probably have the same need. Perhaps there's a way to get it that you haven't thought about? Also, if you want to request it, it will be easier to get others to rally to your request than if you simply say how you want things to operate.

    Next, check the Tips and Tricks category to see if there's not already some trick to learn.

    Next, check the Bugs and Features Requests category to see if your feature has already been asked for. Chances are quite high, that if you think it would be really cool to have it, others have already thought about it.
    If so, they probably won't phrase it the same way as you, so it's important to keep an open mind here.

    This is the critical step: Refrain from opening a discussion. It helps the evolution of the product to think in converging terms. So, join a discussion to advocate a feature being implemented the way you'd like it, rather than create some new topic.

    Features that get the most discussed will be resolved faster: so don't hesitate to voice your opinion to make HighC advance in a way you'd like to see it go!
    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2008
    Some more precisions. When starting a discussion in the Bugs and Features request category, please prefix your discussion with a keyword:

    [Bug]: something is not functioning properly. This include audio rendering defects such as clicks and blanks, crashes or lost data (there shouldn't be much though) or functions that obviously do not work as documented.

    [Feature]: a small enhancement request. Something that would be better if done differently, or an extra widget.

    [Function]: a major of functionality that is not implemented right now.