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    • CommentAuthorthbb
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2008 edited
    Creating retrograde sequences (mirroring in time) and inversions (mirroring in pitch) in HighC is an oft requested feature. Few discover that it is actually very easy to do in HighC by resizing a set of sounds to a negative scale factor.

    Here is an example:
    - Start HighC.
    - Choose the select tool
    - Set the piece duration to 36 seconds.
    - Select the pattern loops > Schubloop
    - Instantiate it (the curved arrow button).
    - Choose Edit > Copy, then Edit > Paste to duplicate it.
    - in the toolbar, turn "snap to pitch" and "snap to time" on if you want to have very precise inversions and retrogrades.
    - To create a retrograde sequence, grab the left handle of the selected pattern, and move it past the right angle, up to 24 seconds. You notice, as you pass the rightmost handles, that the sounds that form this sequence are now mirrored in time: this is an retrograde version of the original pattern.
    - duplicate the pattern again.
    - To create a inversion, first choose Effects > Ungroup pattern. This is needed because for now, only elementary sounds can be inverted, not patterns.
    - Then grab the bottom handle (or the top handle), and move it upwards (resp. downwards) past the top handle (resp. bottom) and up again to match the initial vertical interval.
    - finally, grab the middle handle to reposition the grouped sounds down where they were originally: you have a perfect inversion.

    In attachement, the resulting file.
    wow, I'm surprised I hadn't just run across this.. nice technique, thanks.
    • CommentAuthorCathyCo
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    Interestingly, my grand-daughter (aged 11) did this completely intuitively when I was trying to draw two geese fighting. She got bored watching me struggle!