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Vanilla 1.1.4 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • CommentAuthorc.c.c.
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2009
    Hello, i think it would be very handy to select part from the score and then export just that particular part as audio.
    • CommentAuthorc.c.c.
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2009
    i tagged parts in my score and then hide those parts which i didn't want to export, hoping that only "show" parts will be rendered as audio,obviously it doesn't work that way...but it will be also handy to export tagged parts as separate audio files...
    say tag all bass parts as bass and then export bass etc.

    i really like HighC but exporting pieces to audio for further manipulation in other software is really time consuming and frustrating process...
    1. its really easy to build score and i like to work in one big page where i can see all composition, HighC is really good at that
    2.when structure is ready its time to split everything to smaller parts&sections,so far i copy parts from whole score to new blank page and then export those parts to audio.
    as i said it is very frustrating and time consuming process
    +new problems arouses
    [a].its easy to get lost in whole process, things gets messy
    [b].somehow parts copied from big score to new page sounds different because those other parts they are related to aren't there anymore :(

    i did some pieces in HighC which i would like to develop further but all these tiny problems makes things too slow and unpleasant
    ok, enough moaning :)
    • CommentAuthorthbb
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2009 edited
    Thanks for your report. I certainly can have that implemented in the next update. I think the fact that HighC renders stuff that is not shown is certainly a bug and not a feature. Or perhaps I wasn't too sure about what was the right choice to make?

    The description of your workflow is very precious to make the software go in the right direction. I understand that HighC is not and will never be a full DAW. Hence, it has to find ways to integrate smoothly with other tools. Export being just one aspect of it.

    Making HighC a VST plugin has always felt strange to me, and while it's a route to go, I like understanding the user's workflow better to try to provide just the right integration.

    • CommentAuthorc.c.c.
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2009
    thank you very much!
    i must add that i can see why it is important to keep HighC simple, limitations sometimes are for the best. For example since i use HighC i started to think more about composition, structure etc. Right now i see HighC more as a sketchpad and i dont mind if it stays that way. After all why develop DAW features if there are already so many good DAWS out there. Idea of developing unique features that is only available in HighC sounds more appealing to me.
    But some more features will be very nice [as always :)]

    1. as i mentioned before, easier&faster ways to export every chosen part as audio.
    2.stereo sound and ability to consider spatial aspects when composing, feature to pan sound left and right sounds very good for starters. [Surround and binaural features sounds like a dream]
    3. realtime playback
    4. and i would KILL for features like in Audiopaint to load your own sound samples+microtonal scales!!!
    Limited pallete of sound sources, i think, helps to concentrate more on structural aspects. But its also a big disadvantage at the same time.

    i am ready to pay much more if something like this will be implemented in next versions, and i really hope HighC will develop towards something more flexible and useful.
    And after all this daydreaming and half realistic demands THANK you so much for giving us this creative tool. When i listen to something like "Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromede" from Xenakis, i know there is still some undiscovered territories and potential in music. :)
    All the best!
    • CommentAuthoradmin
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2009
    sketchpad for composing... indeed, that's perhaps a route to make it more successful.

    feature 1. is implemented, though not released yet, you should receive the patch by email for beta testing.

    stereo is for the next version, perhaps in November. Full spatial is for the version 4 if possible. realtime playback is for version 4 too, but it'll require a good machine (quadcore, presumably)

    as for audiopaint-like stuff, that depends a lot on others requesting the same thing. It seems there are a lot of good products, and no real market (not that there's a market for HighC as it is, but still, I don't feel the need to compete against Metasynth, given the fact they don't seem to be able to sell well enough...)

    Thanks again. PS: I'll try to get more into workflow analysis to see the right features to implement. expect some further emails...
    • CommentAuthord4l3d
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2009
    I'm also an Audiopaint user so, even though you know my previously stated desire and at the risk of being tediously repetitive, I also vote for no. 4.

    There are a few good image<->audio apps (Win) out there but Audiopaint is the only one I've found so far that allows sample input.

    Changing the subject just slightly, in case you haven't already found it, Photosounder is the latest Audiopaint-like image<->audio app and interesting. No sample input though and not free. I've emailed the developer about sample input among other things (coincidentally pointing to Audiopaint) and he believes that impementation would take him too far from his original intent.

    Ah, we users. Always trying to pull you developers away from your fun. ;-)
    • CommentAuthorc.c.c.
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2009
    I will check out Photosounder, thnx
    Maybe there's different solution to this "sound source problem". I like the idea behind IanniX software, that it meant to be "graphical OSC sequencer". [although i still scratching my head and didn't done anything practical in it yet, or saw some impressive examples done with it :) ]
    Anyway idea seems great and maybe this is the way to go for HighC someday. In that way HighC can still maintain its "sketchpad simplicity" and ability to link score data to any external sound source...
    • CommentAuthord4l3d
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2009
    I second that also and I'm glad you were the one that brought it up. IanniX was the first thing I thought of when I stumbled upon HighC. At the time I decided not to bring it up for fear of incurring the wrath of our esteemed developer. :)

    I have yet to even install IX however. My ego won't allow it. I guarantee it will outsmart me without a major time investment. But, in relation to HighC, the interpretation of UPIC concepts in IX is worth noting.