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    Dear Mr. Baudel, thank you for the new version 2.8.

    In the present version, when we insert a sample-wave and we try to lengthen its line, we take the effect of one or more repeats of the original wave. I tried to insert a wave-sample-loop. When I lengthened its line, I took a continuous sound. But sometimes: the play-back could not stop. It was like the loop action to “infect” from the wave-sample to the program. Also between the ends of the loop and the new starts there is a "click". Could you, please, do something to fix them.
    Also it will be useful, when we change the pitch (by moving up or down the line of a sample) to have the possibility to choose either to be changed the time length of the loop or not.
    Thanks for your time,
    George Hatzimichelakis
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    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2009 edited
    thank you for this report. Indeed, someone else has also mentioned an issue with imported samples. which I'm trying to nail down.

    I'm not sure I can fix soon all the issues you mention right now, but let's see:

    play back could not stop:: can you send me (by email), a small piece and related sampled waveform that produces this issue. it is very difficult for me to reproduce those bugs without material. Oh one thing: when you import a sample, the sample waveform editor provides a variety of modes (in the bottom left corner).
    - "Loop" is the default. "No Loop" won't repeat the sample. Perhaps this is what you want. "Ping pong" and "reverse" do other interesting stuff with how the sample is played.

    If you hear a "click" in a sampled waveform at the place of repeat, it means the beginning and/or the end of the sample audio is not at 0. To remedy this, you have to open the sampled file with a sample editor such as Audacity.
    Then, zoom in on the end and beginning portions of your samples, and edit them so that
    the very first and very last samples are precisely aligned. The simplest way to do that is that they be both at exactly 0 and the sounds ends with a very short silence.

    I will add an option in the future to fix this automatically.

    As for not changing the time length while changing pitch. Right now, I do only very simple interpolation. Changing the pitch without changing the duration or vice versa will be possible in a future version. However, while this will work in many cases, there are other cases when it will produce strange effects: the attacks and dynamic variations of the sounds will become stretched, turning a piano sound with a sharp attack into a very strangely sounding slow attack, like a slow bow on a violin.
    So, I will improve that, but don't expect I can do anything magical in this area!

    Anyhow, thanks for the feedback, and keep me posted.
    Thanks for the explanation about loops. I tried all the combinations and now I have everything that I want. The problem that I described with the “non-stop play back” perhaps it was an instant event, because except of 3 times it was not repeated. Unfortunately, I have not a “saved” example to send by mail.
    Also, you have right about the possible problems when we use “ time-stretching” with samples.
    Thanks for your time.