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    We may open more than one HighC files and we may playback them simultaneously. So, I opened 4 empty new files, and I started improvising. First I painted on my 1st file “canvas” and I started its playback in loop mode. Next I started painting on my 2nd file etc. So I had 4 files playing in loop mode at the same time. After this, I started improvisations with pauses of each file, or by transforming them. The result was not exactly a "beatiful music", but if you like the idea, listen ... to this.
    Thank you for your time,
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    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2010 edited

    Actually, I create far less with HighC these days, I'm a bit uninspired. I've come to the conclusion that to create music (with HighC or anything else), you actually need to play music/practice. Maybe not all the time, certainly not, but nothing beats having the instant return to acquire musical ideas. After that, one can start deeper thinking about structure, composition, and the rest.

    Which is why, while I keep developing HighC, I turn to practice piano and live stuff again. I never trained formally in music, I have a poor hear (though it has improved since developing HighC), and my fingers are even worse. Nonetheless, practicing live music will help my acquiring at least a bit more musical ideas.

    Which brings one issue: to do the kind of performance regularly, you need to be very precise when starting/stopping HighC. Highc is not thought for real-time performance like you did. But maybe that could be an interesting idea to explore: having multiple canvas on which to draw, start them, stop them, edit them in realtime, and create live, with some more features to synchronize all the canvases on a common beat.

    Is this an interesting direction?

    Thanks again for bringing in so many ideas.

    One more thing: Version 2.81 is ready. Its main new feature is the ability to add a background picture as a kind of pattern to draw onto. This was asked both by user wattking and some schoolteachers who teach music to teenagers. Now I just need to find the time to update the site...
    Thank you for your good words.

    I share your view about the importance of practice in the “real music”. But the “course” is different in proportion of the “esoteric agony” of each one of us. I think that you have given to us a gift, HighC, and this is very important. Fatefully, it is a long way to find a new musical language by using this tool. The easy way is to implement correspondences from the known music to the “painted” music. But, although for many times I used HighC in this way, I believe that the difficult way is to follow its possibilities that they deflect us from the accustomed.
    I understand that every user of HighC, may have every day a new idea. But for the technical creation of each idea of them you are alone. So, our ideas must only inspire you, and then you must follow your desire and your intuition about how HighC must be.
    Perhaps, it will be better to develop the graphic tools, with a set of marks like drawing pins, or to enhance the tools with a palette of simple precast schemes. Also, if HighC will become REWIRE, or if it will allow EXPORT MIDI FILE will be a very powerful tool. I think that the last aim must be the live electronics, although I am interested about the free improvisation. The possibility of the synchronization will be of course accepted.

    Thank you again for your time