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Vanilla 1.1.4 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • Category About HighC
    • Category description General discussion about HighC: its algorithms, user interface, future versions, news... Only the administrator can create discussions in this category.
    • Discussions 10
    • Category Tips and Tricks
    • Category description You found a nice effect and would like to share it. Or, you're trying to do something but don't find a way to do it: ask the experts...
    • Discussions 16
    • Category Bugs and Feature Requests
    • Category description You have found a problem, you would like a particular feature: post it here or join the discussion about the development of HighC. Dont hesitate to add your voice to the discussions, if only to say "I concur". The most active features and bugs will get solved faster.
    • Discussions 69
    • Category Share your music
    • Category description You have created some nice pieces, with or without HighC: post them here. You retain of course all rights about your composition, just understand that posting it here gives you little control over who will use it and how... Note: please don't post sound files, only upic files, and compress them (either zip or gzip) before posting them.
    • Discussions 16
    • Category Computer Music
    • Category description General discussions about computer music go in here...
    • Discussions 4
    • Category Kids and Novices
    • Category description Yes, kids and neophytes can have fun HighC, see how they are doing and share pedagogical experiences.
    • Discussions 7