HighC installation and release notes


What's new in version 2.86

Known Limitations


I welcome all feedback on the uses you make of this tool. Please visit and contribute to the HighC forum. Send comments, your own creations and suggestions for improvement to highc@thomas.baudel.name

Planned Evolution

This first version is given away for free. As time permits, I will improve it to add a few features that should make this tool a professional-grade tool. To achieve this, I charge a small amount per licence, that will be entirely directed to the evolution of the tool. The following features are envisioned:

Whenever you buy a license, you obtain votes to cast towards one or more of the above features, as well as the right to post bug reports and feature requests. At some point in time, the initial development phase will be considered over (hopefully), and the source code may be released with an Open Source license. Right now, the code base is too messy to allow traditional open source development methods.

Libraries and File Format

Pieces and Libraries use the same file format. You can open HighC files with any text editor to understand its file format and possibly edit the files directly.


2.85, 28/02/2011:

2.81, 28/02/2010:

2.8, 15/12/2009:

2.75, 03/07/2009:

2.7, 10/05/2009:

2.62, 11/04/2009:

2.61, 11/03/2009:

2.6, 01/03/2009:

2.51, 07/01/2009:

2.5, 20/12/2008:

2.41, 14/10/2008:
v 2.41 fixes some major bugs v2.4:

2.4, 10/10/2008:

2.3, 30/08/2008:

2.25, 02/07/2008:

2.2, 16/05/2008:
There are a number of bug fixes, notably the View - Show Tooltips function now ensures that you can see the Hz and Time in seconds under the cursor at all times: this is particularly useful to enter curves that require a high precision. The most important new features are a new set of samples, and the "Make As Waveform" function that lets you turn a set of sounds into a composite waveform... more samples with this feature to come soon...

2.1, 16/05/2008:
It features mostly an extended default library, with many examples of loops, granular, FM and additive synthesis. Numerous bugs, notably with envelopes, have been fixed. Performance is about 10% faster.

2.06, 20/03/2008:
This time, the Leopard bug should be fixed. If you are on MacOSX and have a license, there is a small possibility that I have to regenerate a license key for you with this version. If suddenly, your programs does not give you the pro features, send me an email.

2.05, 16/03/2008:
New default library including examples of granular, FM and additive synthesis. A Pink Noise waveform, much better representation of the modulations, and a "Export as Picture" action.

2, 17/02/2008:
The major technical improvement is a generalized scheme to handle modulation. Both low frequency (vibrato and tremolo) and high frequency (FM synthesis and ring modulation) amplitude and frequency modulations are available with a single unified approach. Other improvements include:

1.52, 26/10/2007:

1.5, 02/10/2007:

1.4, 01/07/2007:

1.3, 25/04/2007:

1.2, 07/04/2007:

1.1, 20/03/2007:

1.0, 31/12/2006:

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