HighC is free for simple entertainment and educational use. If you purchase a license (29.99E) after having installed the software, you can access its full feature set.

Start with HighC in 4 easy steps:

Windows :  

1Download HighC-2.9.exe

2 Install Execute the installer and follow the instructions

3 Authorize Windows will warn you that the publisher is unknown to them. This is fine by me, they don't need to know me. You can decide to trust me or not by yourself.

Macintosh :  

1Download HighC-2.9.dmg

2Install Open the file and place the application where you want.

3Authorize On newer Mac OS X, you need to authorize the application: on the first start, use right-click or option-click + Open to bring a dialog that will let you open the application. Do not take Apple's fearmongering message into account, as it is mostly meant to secure an Apple tax on developments made for its platform.

Unix/Linux :  

1Check you have Java 1.4 or higher (6 recommended). go to java.com/download if you're unsure.

2Download HighCGeneric.tar.gz

3Install See the readme file and the discussion in the user's forum.

    4Start Full documentation, tutorial, hints and samples are included in the program, under the Help menu.


Check this web site from time to time to know the latest release. The latest release is 2.867 published on 08/08/2016.