This tutorial lets you create your own interpretation of the "waves" sample in a 15 minutes session. It focuses on how to operate the software, to let you want to play a bit more and discover its power and fun by yourself.

Proceed from one page to the next using the "next" button and follow the instructions...

  1. Creating and playing a sound
  2. Editing a sound
  3. Moving and resizing sounds, snap to pitch
  4. Selecting and simple copy/paste
  5. Saving and opening a piece
  6. Setting the piece's duration
  7. Assigning an Envelope
  8. More selection and copy/paste
  9. Assigning a Waveform
  10. Creating an Envelope
  11. Finishing the Piece (set envelope, set waveform)
  12. Going further

Once you've grasped the main concepts of the user interface, the reference manual and the hints should help you getting the most of HighC while practicing with it. Do not forget the samples can give you more ideas on what to do with HighC.